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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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Population: 92 million citizens
* The structure of the land is - high mountains with volcanic activities. There is randomly tornedos. Temp’ in rang of (21-32) Celsius (warm and moist). L’Oreal:
* L’Oreal market share is 5% - with the brands of L'Oreal studio line, L'Oreal professional , kerastase . * P&G and Unilever major market share with strong promotion. And in the mass market share the products: P&G -Palmolive (18.6)% head & shoulders (16.3)%, Unilever- sunslik (15.2)% * L'Oreal studio line- leading in hairstyling

* L'Oreal leading in Salon products with Loral professional and in hair care premium product also with L'Oreal professional. * Studio line #1 in styling brand shares.
* #3 in colorants and salon products and premium.
* Nowadays uniliver hold 41% share on the Philippines market. * The hair care market domain by international brands, over 80% of the value sales of the market. (Brands like – cream silk, palmolive ‘naturals and pantene ).

* Hair care sales grow from 2006-211 by 1.5 times more.
* 2-in-1 products grow by 2 times from (2006-2011).
* Manufactures shifted their attention to conditioners to create greater demand in hair care. * Gel remained the most popular type of styling .
* Anti-dandruff shampoos tend to be more popular amongst the make population. * Rising prices due to high costs and products for specific hair problems * Most woman in the country prefer to purchase shampoos which smooth the hair. * Keen for natural products

* Heavy advertising and promotions to avoid brand switching. ** Philippines hair care is 56% of the cosmetic market share. * The hair care market is about 339 million euro; compare to all Asia that is 11,158 million euro (almost third). * The consumption habits is to buy in small amount mostly in sachet (panten shampoo take 70% of all sachet sales in the country). Distribution channels –

* The shampoo...
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