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Malaysia has been recognized by the world as a model for other plural societies. The concept of ‘unity in diversity’ is always insisted by the leaders. The concept is now supported with the ‘1 Malaysia’ concept which is introduced by the current Prime Minister. The Malaysian government is always put efforts to ensure the unity among the people because the unity is very important for national unity. The national unity will ensure the country’s prosperity and the prosperity will create national integration. The unity and integration is the ultimate aim of development. Unity can be defined as a process of forming a national identity among various groups that have differences in beliefs, cultures, customs, politics, social, economic functions and location into a political entity.

WHAT ARE THE OBSTACLES THAT FACED BY THE GOV. IN IMPOSTING UNITY ON ITS CITIZEN? Achieving national integration is not an easy task, but efforts must go on. This is due to the existence of economic, social, cultural, residential and world view among the people. Therefore, the Malaysian government since the independence of the country has put endless efforts towards achieving the national integration. In general, there are three main obstacles that the country has to face and resolve. They are prejudice and, communalism

Do you know what prejudice is? It refers to the attitude towards others based on evidences which is not concrete and might be wrong. In Malaysia context, this kind of pre-judgmental attitude still exists among races even though much positive information is provided.

Communalism refers to the attitude of favouring one’s own ethnic group. This kind of feeling is also prevalent in Malaysia. For example, the political parties that exist in Malaysia are still on ethnic base. UMNO represents the Malays, MCA and Gerakan represent the Chinese, MIC represents the Indians and many others. Each political party will fight for the interests of its ethnic. It happens in the country where there are some companies refuse to hire those who cannot speak certain language that belongs to one ethnic group.

WHAT APPROACHES THAT DONE BY THE GOV. IN ACHIEVING THE UNITY AND INTERGRATION? The government of Malaysia is very serious in achieving the national unity and integration. Many approaches have been put forward to overcome the obstacles and challenges. Among the approaches are:

* Introducing national ideology
* Impose of National Service
* New Economic Policy
* National Education Policy
* Promoting the use of national language
* Political parties alliance

National Ideology (Rukun Negara)
One of the political approaches taken by the government is introducing national ideology. The ideology was created by National Consultative Council after the racial riot of 13 May 1969 at the time the country was under the rule of MAGERAN. On 31 August 1970, it was declared as a national ideology. Its aim is to instil a common spirit and identity among the people and to strengthen the unity among the people. The national ideology has five principles:

(i)Belief in God
(ii)Loyalty to King and Country
(iii)Nobleness of the Constitution
(iv)Sovereignty of the Law
(v)Courtesy and Decency

In general, the objectives of the national ideology are:
(i)To achieve a greater unity among the people
(ii)To maintain democratic way of life

National Service
Develop a young generation who are patriotic and with love and devotion for their country Enhance unity among the multi-racial communities in the country

New Economic Policy (NEP)
NEP is an economic approach by the government. It was introduced in 1970 after the racial riot of 13 May 1969. The main reason that caused the riot is due to economic reason in which there was wide economic gap between the races especially between the Malays and Chinese. The NEP is considered as an economic development and national unity programme in a multiracial society....
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