Texting Driving

Topics: Text messaging, Instant messaging, Safety Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Dear Legislator,

Galore of minorities suffer on tragic consequences due to driving while having a conversation through text messaging. Consequences that could lead to lifetime paralysis or even atrocity of death. So, I personally think that making a law about banning or make texting while driving is illegal is tremendous point of view. I encourage, you the legislator to make it a law. It should ban because it cause so much accident, and it makes our public transportation highway dangerous and risky and, finally I care about people, I want them to get to there destination safe and sound. So, I strongly suggest that texting while driving should be illegal. In today’s Statistics, 1 out of 10 people die from texting while driving. It probably started when their mind is focusing to the person they having conversation on the phone, Then constantly losing their focus and balance. Which could lead to crashing to public places or hitting minorities. I have enough of this, so prohibiting this type of act will be a good relieve. Furthermore, Our public highways become dangerous and disastrous because of this infantile act. It disturb people, in a fact when a accident occurred traffic become jammed and meander. Which could lead to severe problems. Have you not experience this? Have not ever got tired of this? Then what are you waiting for? You should pass the law and we’ll be grateful for your action and will be highly appreciated. Lastly, I care about people and how safe they’re going to there destination. I want them to get to there live and well with no worries. Like a airplane landed on the airport safely. I having this law efficient- is every essential. In conclusion, Plenty of people suffer in unwanted outcome of this act. Some of them cause severe injuries. Making texting while driving prohibited and make it law would be a excellent idea. So, I strongly suggest this perspective. It...
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