Tet Holiday

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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The Tet Holiday- What did you do?


According to our traditional custom, the Tet holiday is the Lunar New Year Holiday – the most important holiday in Vietnam. It is around late January or early February, depends on each year. We celebrate three days beginning of the new year, the first day of new year marks the beginning of Tet . This year, the New Year Day is in January 26th. People will have about two weeks off. 

Although there are three days which are the main days of Tet but we usually start to prepare much time before. There are many things to do such as clean and redecorate our houses, try to pay all our debts or everything we borrowed before the Tet, buy new clothes and presents for our relatives... 


On this special occasion, everybody wants to return to their families, to where they grew up. The people, who are married, manage to take their families to visit or stay with their parents. Tet is the occasion to everybody gathers in warm atmosphere. We prepare for get-together meals, talk about the good things. People try to avoid arguments, or saying any bad things. There is a funny thing that people try not to sweep their house during Tet, because they believe that sweeping means put the good luck away. We forget all the troubles in past year and hope for a better new year. 

The first person comes to our houses on the New Year Day, who is called the first-foot is very important. People believe that they will bring our good luck or bad luck for the new year, so people usually choose who will be their first-foot. 


We spend time on visiting our relatives, friends, colleagues and go to pagodas or temples to pray health, happiness ans success for our families. When coming others’ houses or meeting anybody at Tet, we usually wish each other health, happiness, success and many good things. Children are the happiest at Tet. They are usually received presents, especially little red envelopes with money in as New...
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