Beliefs About Christmas

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Welcoming xmas
Opening the doors of the house at midnight, Christmas Eve is supposed to be good as it lets out the evil spirits. 'First Foots' are those that enter the house first, a darker haired man entering the house first on Christmas Day is a good sign, and if the first guest is a woman it is said to bring in bad fortune. A first foot bringing in an evergreen is considered a blessing. The first person to open the door on the morning of Christmas should shout and welcome 'Father Christmas'. Some people also believe that sweeping your threshold on Christmas sweeps away all the troubles.

Christmas Carols and Songs
It is considered unlucky to sing Christmas carols at any occasion other than Christmas. It is also considered unlucky to send carolers away empty-handed. There is a wrong notion regarding a custom known as Wassailing. This custom is originally related to honoring one's livestock and crop yield and even the sea(in some parts of Scotland) during Christmastime. Drinking toasts, lighting celebratory fires, firing in the air and playing games are all symbolic to this custom. Though, in recent times it has come to be recognised with getting drunk and singing carols at people's homes. Christmas Food

It is believed that if you make a wish while stirring a Christmas pudding, it will come true. If you tell anyone about what you have wished for, it will not come true. If everyone in the family takes turns while stirring, it will bring good fortune to the family. Young girls, who are hoping to get married soon should also give a stir when the Christmas pudding is being cooked. It is also considered unlucky to cut into a Christmas cake before Christmas Eve and some portion of the cake should be kept till Christmas Day. Also, eating an apple on Christmas Eve is supposed to bring good health throughout the next year. Mince pies bring in good luck, so it should not be cut during Christmastime. The number of pies eaten at different households during Christmas...
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