Test Questions on Public Speaking

Topics: Logic, Critical thinking, Idea Pages: 2 (346 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Multiple choice/ Fill-in-the-blank

1. Many skills used in public speaking are the same as those used in everyday conversation: a) logically organized thoughts, b) messages tailored to audience, c) stories told for maximum impact, d) feedback adapted to listener.

2. Critical thinking – focused, organized, involves the logical relationships along ideas, the soundness of evidence, and the differences between fact and opinion.

3. Frame of reference – the sum of person’s knowledge, experience, goals, values, attitudes

4. To avoid plagiarism when using information from Internet document in your speech, you keep record of the a) title of the material, b) the author or organization, c) the date it was updated, d) the date you accessed the site. Take careful notes.

5. Extemporaneous – is the type of delivery in which you plan your speech in details and learn it well without trying to memorize the exact wording. It is carefully prepared, rehearsed speech presented from brief notes.

6. In an informative speech, the speaker acts as a(n) lecturer or teacher.

7. The aims of informative speech include convey knowledge and understanding.

8. Six guidelines for effective informative speaking includes: a. don’t overestimate what audience know
b. relate the subject directly to the audience
c. don’t be too technical
d. avoid abstractions
e. personalize your ideas
f. be creative

9. The specific purpose of the speech should be one of the overlapping categories – to inform or to persuade.

10. The central idea of speech should be a concise statement of what you expect to say and expressed in full sentence.

11. Visualization is a metal imaging in which speaker vividly pictures himself or herself giving successful presentation.

12. Ethnocentrism – the belief that one’s own group or culture is superior to all other groups or cultures.

13. Transition Statement – is a...
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