Test Preparation Questions: Windows Server Administration

Topics: Operating system, Disk partitioning, NTFS Pages: 6 (1104 words) Published: March 9, 2013
1. Answer C is correct. RAID 1 (disk mirroring) needs two disks to be implemented.Before you can enable RAID 1 using

Windows Server 2008, you need to convert basicdisks to dynamic disks, which converts the partitions into volumes. Answers

A and Bare incorrect because write catching improves disk performance but does not helpimplement RAID 1. Answer D is

incorrect because to implement RAID 1 usingWindows Server 2008, you must use dynamic disks.

2. Answer B is correct. RAID 1, disk mirroring, uses two disks to provide fault tolerance.In RAID 1, whatever is written

to one disk is written to the other. Answer A is incorrectbecause RAID 0, disk striping, does enhance performance, but

does not provide faulttolerance. Answers C and D are incorrect because RAID 5 (disk striping with parity)needs three disks

to be implemented.

3. Answers A, C, and D are correct. Windows Server 2003 supports disk striping (RAID 0),disk striping with parity (RAID

5), and disk mirroring (RAID 1). Answer B is incorrectbecause Windows Server 2008 does not natively support hammering code

error-cor-recting code (ECC) disk configurations (RAID 2). Answer E is incorrect becauseWindows Server 2008 does not

natively support striped volumes that are part of a mir-rored set (RAID 0+1). Answer F is incorrect because Windows Server

2008 does notnatively support mirrored volumes that are part of a striped array set (RAID 10).

4. Answers A and C are correct. You can install a fresh copy of Windows Server 2008onto a basic partition and onto a

dynamic volume if the volume was originally a basicpartition that was upgraded to dynamic because Windows Server 2008 can

be installedonly on a disk that contains a partition table. Answer B is incorrect because a dynamicvolume that was created

from unallocated space does not contain a partition table.Answer D is incorrect because Windows Server 2008 Setup does not

support installa-tion onto removable media such as USB disks or IEEE 1394 (FireWire) disks. Answer Eis incorrect because

you can install only one operating system per dynamic disk.

5. Answer D is correct. Of these four options, only striped volume with parity is fault tol-erant. If one hard drive

fails, the data will still be accessible. Answers A, B, and C areincorrect because although striped volumes do provide

better performance, they do notprovide fault tolerance. If one disk fails, you loose all data.

6. Answer E is correct. To use RAID provided by Windows Server 2008, you must usedynamic disks. To provide fault

tolerance, you create a mirrored set using disk 0 and 1.Answers A, B, and C are incorrect because a basic disk cannot be

used for mirror orRAID 5 disks. Answer D is incorrect because the striped set is not fault tolerant.

7. Answer B is correct. You can create up to four primary partitions on a basic disk with-out an extended partition.

Answer A is incorrect because you are limited to three pri-mary partitions only if there is an extended partition on the

disk. Answer C is incorrectbecause you can have more than one primary partition on a basic disk. Answer D isincorrect

because you are limited to a maximum of four primary partitions on a basicMBR disk; a basic GPT disk can host up to 128


8. Answers D and E are correct. To convert dynamic disks back to basic disks, you mustremove all volumes on the disk,

which means that all data must be removed as well.IEEE 1394 (or FireWire) disks cannot be converted to dynamic; therefore,

they can onlybe basic disks. Answer A is incorrect because basic disks are supported under WindowsServer 2008. Answer B is

incorrect because basic disk sets that were created under pre-vious versions of Microsoft server products are not mounted

by the operating system;you must use the

ftonline.exe tool on the setup CD-ROM. Answer C is incorrectbecause basic disks (and dynamic disks) can be...
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