Tesco Case Study

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Question no. 1:
Explain the difference between training and development. How have changes in customer expectations affected Tesco and its need to train staff?

Difference between Training and Development:
Training is a process of sequential learning through a programmed behaviour. It improves the employee’s performance in his current job and also prepares him for the intended job. Training is mainly a short term process, refers to directives in technical and mechanical problems, targeted in most cases for non-managerial employees, and intended for specific purpose. The main purpose for training is to improve productivity, quality, organizational climate, to increase health and safety, and personal growth. Development improves job performance, as well as, improves the personality of the individual employee. Development is about extending and improving a person’s internal abilities. The employee or trainee is responsible for his or her development. Development is unlike training, a long term process, which deals with philosophical and theoretical educational purposes, most suitable for managerial staff, and deals with general knowledge procedure. Development process is the assessment of your own skills and abilities to determine about your job requirements, to identify the skills required for the job as compared to your skills, and to identify the need for extended skills.

Tesco expanded its general products to include banking, insurance services, electrical goods as well as telephone equipment. Through this Tesco deals with a lot more customers than previously the staff was dealing with. As company grows the recruitment also expanded and new employees are hired. Tesco opens its distribution centres and stores in different diverse locations. Different locations customers have different type of need of special goods, so it was important to have a clear understanding about the changing customer’s need. Tesco need to train its employees so that they will be capable of working in different environment.

Question no. 2:
List the methods of training carried out by Tesco. Describe how training needs are identified.

Tesco offers two types of training methods:
On-the-job Training:
On-the- job training train employees...
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