Business Studies Activity 3 - Tesco

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Business studies. Activity 3 – TESCO

Customers have a range of different expectations when they use Tesco’s. For example * good value products
* rapid responses to enquiries
* clear honest and detailed information
* Information about suitable products
* Care and attention both with the customers, and the products. * After sales care
Good value products
Good value products, means that the product is worth the money paid. This is the minimum expected from any business, whether it be through a products or service. This means that we expect a better quality product/service, for a higher amount of money. An example of this is you would expect a better quality TV if you paid £400; than if you paid £50. The top experience for a customer is paying less than would be expected for a product or service. Getting better value for your money. Tesco does this by providing cheap products that allows the customer to experience, getting better value for money. Rapid response to enquiries

It is perfectly reasonable to expect any member of staff in an organisation, to be able to answer simple questions about their products or services provided on the spot. However most business will have a customer service desk, the employee’s who work here would have received special training, to enable them to answer any and all questions asked by the customer. It is however perfectly reasonable for the business to take a longer time to answer either a longer question/enquiry or more complex question/enquiry, however whatever the question it is expected to be answered correctly regardless of how they come to the answer. Tesco’s has a customer service desk in all major stores, and most of the smaller stores and all staff members receive training on their products. Clear, honest and detailed information

This is linked to the customer service desk, with the customers expecting the correct information. More ethical business are keen to ensure that their customers aren’t misleading by their products. Tesco’s is a very ethical business, and would want to make sure that their customers are aware of this. Information about suitable products

When buying a product, specialist’s information might be required. For example mobile phones, cameras etc, and because Tesco’s sell these products, they would need staff who are trained in the areas. They would need to be able to do the following to be an effective sales person: * Identify the customers criteria

* Have knowledge on the products
* Talk to the customer about the advantages and disadvantages * Allow the customer to make the final decision.
If the customer is happy with the product and the service received, they may even return and tell people about the store. Care and attention both with the customers, and the products
A majority of people associate the care and attention they receive with how they were treated when dealing with an issue in the store. Direct person-to-person contact is talking to someone about your needs and wants. For example if you were buying a product that has a huge range to choose from e.g. Camera, the customer would prefer to talk to someone who has more knowledge of the products than they do. Also how the products are displayed plays a big part in what the customer chooses. If for example the tins on a shelf were simply thrown on, we would be less inclined to buy the product than if they were arranged neatly. Tesco keeps all their shelves neat and tidy at all times. After sales care

After sales care is how the customers are treated after they buy the products/service this includes the customer returning to the business after purchasing the product. This may be because: * They are returning the product

* They need the product repaired
* Make a complaint
* A technical fault, query or glitch.
This includes ongoing after sales care, such as a warranty or insurance, the customer would be entitled to return the...
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