Terrorism - a Curse for India

Topics: Terrorism, Evil, Violence Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: May 20, 2013
It is a bit unfortunate that we as a country are facing hostilities from our neighbouring countries since independence. Pakistan since its creation has always harboured terrorist

elements against India with an intention to destabilize our country. China the Big Brother supports Pakistan in their endeavour to divide India. We face threats from Bangladesh and from Sri Lanka in the South. Since we have open borders with Nepal, terrorists use Nepal as easy entry and exit points. Our borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh are porous and not fully sealed. We face trouble on the North -East side with China claiming Arunachal Pradesh. These countries hobnob with these terrorists and have helped them to establish their bases from where they can carry out their evil acts. So, all the expertise for planting Bombs on soft targets comes from these countries. But not everything can be done from these foreign bases. So they take advantage of the unemployed youth and others who fall easy prey to their indoctrination and create local groups who ferment trouble in all cities across India.

While many of the educated youth associated with fields like IT openly take part in aiding terrorist activities, it is the uneducated and poor who are always at the front of such battles. Elite people among the terrorists never become human bombs. They hide themselves in safe comforts and incite the less privileged to carry out evil acts in the name of jihad. They take help from some political class and the corrupt officials provide fodder for their entry and exit from India.So as a whole we independent Indians are now on the brink of the largest and most difficult situation ever faced by any human civilization called as TERRORISM.

To do away with any problem we have to follow the basic principle of going to its root

cause.As we consider terrorism as the worst nightmare of the twenty first century,we better look at its causes for total eradication. Actually no man is born...
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