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Topics: Water quality, Waterborne diseases, Water supply Pages: 6 (1191 words) Published: February 19, 2013

This report discusses a number of effects of water borne diseases in different aspects. Besides, it tries to suggest some methods that could be helpful in solving this phenomena or even stop the actions and habits that drive to it.

The main purpose of this report is to cover some causes of water borne diseases. Detailed diseases that occur because of bad water quality also will be mentioned. This report will focus on some diseases that are related to water such as cholera and diarrhea and how to avoid and treat them.

The report begins by providing a definition about water borne diseases and stating some general information. This is followed by describing some causes of water borne diseases and their effects. At the end will discussing methods that solve this problem.


A. Definition of Water Borne Diseases

Actually the definition of water borne diseases is a widespread definition. How ever water borne diseases could be defined as the illness that results from drinking contaminated water which is rich with pathogenic and microganisms (“Waterborne Diseases” 1).

B. General information about water and the related diseases

Some studies prove that the human should have a minimum of 1.5 liters of water daily. Moreover, water constitute the big part of the body mass (Last, 2). In addition, the second main cause of death in children under the age of five years is the water borne diseases (“Where do” 1). In fact, the threat of water borne diseases has been an important issue in the spring of 2000, when the E.Coil bacteria extended in the drinking of water provider of a tiny town which cause a huge number of deaths and raise the number of ill people (“ Where do” 2).


A. Causes of Water Borne Diseases

the causes of water borne disease could be summarized in more than one point. Firstly, the using of water polluted through animal or human urine or faeces containing viruses or bacteria (Gleick, 2). Secondly, mosquitoes could be a main reason behind other spread diseases such as malaria and dengue particularly during rainy seasons. Furthermore, the chemical contaminants of water providers are considered as a source of problems of various kinds. The sever illnesses are happened due to chemical contamination. However, toxic contaminants could be described as slow poisons (Last,3).

B. Water related diseases

Four-fifths of the whole illnesses in the advanced countries are because of water borne diseases (“Waterborne Diseases” 1). This paragraph is going to highlight some of the common diseases of water borne diseases. First of all, malaria which is a disease that can transmit between humans by a bite of female anopheles mosquitoes (“Waterborne Diseases” 4). Moreover, some surveys inform that above one million people die due to malaria every year and a high number of them are below the age of five, especially in Africa South of Shara(“Waterborne Diseases” 1). Another, disease is diarrhea. Diarrhea is a consecutive processes that get rid of watery faeces from the human body.(“Waterborne Diseases” 1). Actually 4% of all deaths are victims of diarrhea (“Waterborne Diseases” 3). Diarrhea that is cut from other people might stay for a few days or several weeks. (“Waterborne Diseases” 3).


A. Common effects of Water Borne Diseases

Water borne diseases share a number of effects. To begin with, approximately 3 million people are killed from illnesses resulted due to dirty water (Gleick, 3). In fact, in the next 20 years the number of victims expected from water borne diseases relies on a number of factors such as relative rates of mortality due to different diseases and global population (Gleick,4). Usually patients are going to suffer from water borne diseases such as loose motions, fever with chill, vomiting and...
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