Us History Chapter 21 Notes

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  • Topic: Chinese Exclusion Act, Otis Elevator Company, Social Darwinism
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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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* The Emergence of Urban America
* Between 1860 to 1910 the population increased from 6 million to 44 million * America’s Move to Town
* Explosive Urban Growth
* Fredrick Jackson Turner-the Frontier is a “safety valve” * But more people went to the cities than to open land * There was not enough land though in cities to hold everyone, most people were homeless or lived in small apartments or rented houses * In 1889 the Otis Elevator company made the first electric elevator. * The area of cities increased with the introduction of speedy transportation such as cable cars. * The Allure and problems of the Cities

* Too many people to residency in the cities
* “Dumbbell Apartments” were to conjoined apartments connected by the air ventilation system. * Some twenty-four to thirty-two families would cram into each building. * Disease and odors created a very unhygienic living area, by the end of the century 3 in 5 babies would die before they turned one. * City Politics

* The government was fragmented, bureaucratic committees formed with political bosses at the top * These bosses would run a corrupt system in which they would buy votes but they would also help the poor find jobs, started English lessons for the immigrants, sport teams, etc. * Felt the law and justice would not help.

* Cities and the Environment
* Urban communities were disease ridden and full of trash, noise, and terrible odors. * Not much clean water which lead to an increase in cholera, typhoid, and yellow fever. * Horses left up to 20 pounds of manure and would only live for two years. * No one knew where to dispose of thousands of dead horses. * Algae soon cropped up along rivers and lakes sucking all the oxygen out, killing most fish. * The New...
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