A Company Is Going to Give Some Money Either to Support the Arts or to Protect the Environment.Which Do You Think the Company Should Choose?Use Specific Reasons and Examples to Supprt Your Answer

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  • Published : May 26, 2011
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56 |MA |A company is going to give some money either to support the arts or to protect the environment.which do you think the company should choose?use specific reasons and examples to supprt your answer. | |

Although art can be reflect the custom and culture of a country, I would choose environment to be spent money on .There are 2 main reasons that I point out below:

Nowadays harmful environment is going to be crisis .Air pollution ,acid rain ,green house gas ,hazardous waste are the results of not being careful about surroundings .it is hard to survive without clean water ,air and plants .dirty water and dirty air can lead people's health into fatal diseases .in this case lots of human beings, plants and animal would die. according to Hamshahri ,which is domestic newspaper ,over 2 people die every second because of water pollution and the diseases such as cholera caused by dirty water.

Secondly, global warming is regarded as one of the worst event in the world. Naturalist and the Greens are trying to find a way to protect the environment, whereas many people are not aware of the consequences of global warming .since the Industrial Revolution began, global warming has been existed, as a case in point tsunami which is the result of global warming has come into existence after Industrial Revolution .

For the reasons I discussed above, I think much money should be given to protect the environment rather than art. people can live healthy in a pleasant environment and then enjoy the arts.
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