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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Питання до вступної співбесіди на освітньо-кваліфікаційні рівні “спеціаліст” (англійська мова) Methods of teaching 1. Aims, objectives and content of teaching foreign languages at school. 2. Methodological classification of English sounds and its relevance for developing articulation skills. 3. Activities to develop pronunciation skills. 4. Approaches to teaching grammar. 5. Grammar practice activities. 6. Ways of presenting vocabulary. 7. Activities for developing vocabulary skills. 8. Stages in teaching listening. 9. Difficulties in teaching listening and the ways to overcome them. 10.Activities for developing listening skills. 11.Real-life reading strategies (skimming, scanning, intensive, extensive reading). 12.Stages in teaching reading at school (aims and procedures). 13.Activities for developing reading skills. 14.Different approaches to teaching dialogue speech. Types of activities. 15.Types of teaching monologue speech. 16.Teaching writing. Types of activities. 17.Ways of developing socio-cultural competence. 18. Extra-curricular activities. 19. Teaching a foreign language to young learners. 20. Visual aids in teaching a foreign language. 21. Approaches to error correction. Giving feedback. 22. Types of classroom interaction. 23. Lesson planning. Planning principles. 24. Types of lessons. 25. The roles of the teacher at a lesson. 26. Games in language learning. . 27. Test tasks for assessing receptive skills. 28. Test tasks for assessing language competence (grammar and vocabulary). 29. Ways of assessing productive skills. 30. Communicative approach and its characteristics.

Lexicology 1. Classifications of phraseological units. 2. Etymological analysis of the English vocabulary. The main sources of borrowings.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Classification of borrowings. Reasons for borrowing. Homonymy. Sources of homonymy. Classifications of homonyms. Synonyms. Classifications of them. Sources of synonymy. Antonyms in Modern English. Classifications of...
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