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There is almost no place that you can go where technology hasn’t been used. Technology affects our daily lives in everything that we do; it saves time, creates a world of endless learning, and makes traveling to halfway around the world effortless. Technology greatly reduces the time it takes to perform lives everyday tasks. Daily chores such as mowing the grass or doing the dishes have been reduced from hours to twenty minutes with the invention of the automatic dishwasher and gas powered lawn mower. New technologies have even eliminated the time it takes to read books when you can download the audio book off of iTunes to listen to on your iPod. In the work place machines have eliminated many of the hand labors of molding parts and assembling products creating a great surplus of extra hours to finish other works and increasing production.

Technology also helps student in their studies. In an article published by Technology and Learning magazine, interviews were conducted with some leading research experts on how they felt about technology's impact on education. The first way that technology can benefit students is that it can accelerate, enrich and deepen basic skills. Under the right conditions, students learn faster with more depth of understanding using technology (Salpeter, 1999). "Students who use the technology for real communication with a real audience are much more capable of talking to adults because they are getting used to it...technology facilitates cooperative learning, encourages new roles for learners and the ability to work independently." said Judy Salpeter , who is the editor of the Technology and Learning magazine.

The impact of technology on society is deep. It is both positive and negative. Technology has largely influenced every aspect of living. It has made life easy, but so easy that it may lose its charm one day. One can cherish...
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