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Topics: Human, Thought, Psychology Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: December 20, 2012
My Crucial Weakness and Effort to overcome it
Business Communication (Bus: 501)

Submitted by Bibi Morium Seba , ID: 112 113 007 Section: A, Program: MBA, Fall: 2012 United International University.

Submitted to Prof. Mubina Khondkar,Ph.D School of Business United International University

Date of Submission: 30.11.2012 My Crucial Weak point

Every person look for strengthen of their own but generally not conscious about their weak point. Each individual has their own possible weakness but some will not admit to any weakness. People may be hardworking, Team player, co-operative, self motivated, good listener and so more. On the contrary people can be lazy, selfish, greedy, dishonest, lacking in personal hygiene, self-centered, wishy-washy in their opinions, overzealous, lacking in enthusiasm, negative in their thinking, and many other possible points and so more. Some people have very few bad human quality some may have too many bad qualities. But we never think too much about what is my bad quality or what is my weak point that I cannot overcome. Evan if people have a good quality and they emphasize on it too much that may be bad for their own sake. Like without emotions there is no relevance of human beings but if someone is too emotional that cannot see anyone crying it sometimes act as weakness to them. But the belief that “I really don’t feel I have weakness” - effects persons working ability.

Like all other people...
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