Topics: Waste, Waste management, Environmentalism Pages: 2 (328 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Case Analysis

Little Enough or Too Much

Topic: Environmental Protection


• To have a good environmental protection which also part of the company’s concern.

Central Problem:

The company’s building up of additional stage on the plant and the excess waste disposal released today will cause problems for the company.

Minor Problem:

• Permitted to dump waste materials from the process in the river.

• Building the additional process would require costly interruptions in the production process and might cause customers to switch to competitors.

Alternative Courses of Action (ACA’s):

1. Bryan, the manager, will set a meeting about the company’s concerns.

Advantage: So that the main concern of the company’s problem will be settle and there are some suggestions from each personnel to have clarification about it.

Disadvantage: Not all employees or the member of the company will have the good point about it. Maybe some will not agree.

2. Bryan will call the attention of the government regarding the environmental protection of the company’s concern.

Advantage: The government can provide the needs of the environment that gives the company’s convenience. Also the government has the authority to do what the company needed most especially in terms of environmental issue.

Disadvantage: There is a possibility that the government will ignore and disregard.

3. The company will not pursue and build additional stage or process.

Advantage: It will not anymore require costly interruptions in the production process and the customers will not switch to the company’s competitors.

Disadvantage: The company will stick and focus to the present stage which is now an issue of the company.


We conclude that the best alternative courses of action is ACA’s number 3, that the company will not longer pursue the additional stage so that the company’s customer will...
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