Unit 4 Individual Project

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  • Published : May 26, 2012
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Unit 4 Individual Project
Marvin Bristow
For Dr. Okonkwo
Thursday, May 24, 2012

Advantages and disadvantages of the system
In checking on a new information system that would gather information on customers of competitors; a definition of CI or Competitive Intelligence is in order. It is the initial connection of hazards and prospects in the marketplace ahead of their obvious appearance or Early Signal Analysis. This is a way of connecting not just widely available information but that which would provide a competitive edge. It is important to remember that CI is legal and not corporate espionage. (Wikipedia, 2012)

* Uncovering new opportunities
* Detecting & countering competitive threats
* Eliminating or lessening surprises
* Creating & enhancing competitive advantage (All Hands, 2012) Disadvantages:
* Opportunities are lost because the system did not return a timely report * Competitive threats are not discerned
* There are surprises because of system failure
* Competitive advantage is lost because there is no creative or enhancing component to the system Ethical Problems the system could create
In using a system like what is proposed, it is important to ask what kinds of ethical problems can arise from gathering Competitive Intelligence. Some of these problems are: * Misrepresentation

* Bribery
* Covert surveillance
* Theft.
In Misrepresentation, Bribery, Covert Surveillance, and Theft there is use of unethical behavior. “SCIP Code of Ethics for CI Professionals states: 1. To continually strive to increase the recognition and respect of the profession. 2. To comply with all applicable laws, domestic and international. 3. To accurately disclose all relevant information, including one's identity and organization, prior to all interviews. 4. To avoid conflicts of interest in fulfilling one's duties. 5. To provide honest and realistic...
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