Tendency of Dubai Sales of Gold: Graphs

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Chart Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: May 12, 2014
Graph 4
This chart shows information of sales of gold in 2002 in Dubai. The basic trend of this graph is stable.
It increases from January to March from 200 millions of dollars to 350. Definitely, the peak of sales is in March with amount of 350 millions of dollars. After March sales collapse to the amount of about 120 millions in July and September, excluding little step up in August (to 200 millions). After September graph shows stability. This graph illustrates tendency of Dubai Sales of Gold.

Graph 5
The graph gives us information about language composition of Australia. Pie chart consists of six sectors: English, Chinese, Italian, other and unspecified. Let us move on and watch the trends of this graph.

It is common that 79% of people of Australia use English language, so it is the most widespread language throughout the country. At the same time Chinese and Italian languages are on the same, last place in communicating Australian people (both 2%). Other languages are spread through 11% of people!

And the most uncommon part of the pie chart is that 6% of languages covers unspecified languages.
This graph illustrates us what languages people use in Australia. Graph 6
The graph gives us information about structure of HCT Graduates by College. Also, it is divided by men and women. Chart provides us data in format of number of men and women who graduated from different town and cities. Let us move on. The fact is that number of women is always bigger than men! Women are more than man from 10% up to 2 times. The biggest society is from Dubai (about 900). More than 400 of them are men. In addition, the least number of graduates are from Ras Al Khaimah (about 300). Number of women graduates is little less than 2 times comparing with men. Remarkably, that all other towns has from 350 to 550 graduates. Sharja and Al Ain has almost the same amount of graduates (~350) and Abu Dhabi’s number of graduates is about 550. 300 out of 550 are women....
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