Australia Is Losing Its Language to Americanisms.

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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'Australian English is losing its unique characteristics to Americanisms and gradually dying'

Australian English is a very interesting language, It has many features that makes it unique. Some believe that these unique features are being slowly killed by Americanisms assimilating into our language. This theory, believe it or not, is untrue. Americanisms in Australia withhold an extremely small area in mainly our lexicon and some morphology, with all other features of our language left unscathed.

You don't see Australians walking around pronouncing their words like Americans; for example, if you heard an Australian say 'horse' but you could hear the 'r' pronounced properly, it would sound a little strange. Australians, using an Australian dialect, will omit the 'r' or at least pronounces it silently horse would sound more like hoose. This is similar with a lot of phonetic features of Australian language, if the unique characteristics Australian English was really suffering from the integration of Americanisms then wouldn't our individual dialect also be affected. Maybe a fair few Australians pronounce words like anti more like ant-i but for the majority Australians have hold true to the true blue Aussie dialect.

Australian English is a very innovative and creative language, new slang and jargon are created all the time. Words like 'rank' (Aussie slang meaning bad smelling; disgusting) are still used frequently by modern day Australians. Sure some american slang has migrated into the modern day australians lexicon, words like 'movie' and 'vacation', but does this mean that our language is turning into theirs? No. This jut means that we've adopted words that we find useful, 'movie' helps us differentiate between a fictional film and a documentary. We still say it how we want to say it. The modern Australian lexicon may adopt some new words but almost all the other areas of language remains untouched by Americanisms. Even if australia does adopt some...
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