Australia Is Not a Racist Country

Topics: Culture, Religion, Discrimination Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Is Australia a racist country?

Australia is a welcoming nation. We allow people from all nationalities to apply to migrate,seek refuge or even just visit Australia, regardless of their culture, religion, language or ethnicity, provided they meet all the visa laws. Australia is not a racist country allowing all nationalities the opportunity to come to Australia and continue to practice their culture and beliefs without the fear of being put down or treated badly. People are free to celebrate their religious or cultural days like Eid, Christmas, Easter and Chinese New Year. For example when the celebrations are coming up they are publicized and the community is made aware of what is being offered in the community. Councils put up billboards and flyers advertising the celebrations. I’d say that’s pretty fair wouldn’t you? Because of the freedom given to celebrate religious days I strongly believe Australia isn’t a racist nation. Of course some forms of racism exist in Australia, as it does in every corner of the world, but we are fortunate that our racists are a minority with little power or influence. We just have to look at the Vietnamese, Italian and Greek communities among many others, for proof that Australia is not only a welcoming nation but one where lots of cultures exist in harmony. For example we don’t have the race riots of France or the UK. We don’t have Indians caste system. Our footy players don’t throw bananas at black players as Soccer fans do in Spain or spit at them as they do in Italy and Norway. We don’t suffer from religious intolerance such as in the Middle East and Asia and I have never seen white hooded men burning crosses on my neighbours’ front lawn like in America. This is just further evidence to show that Australia is a multi-cultural nation As stated in the earlier paragraph Australia’s population is very multi-cultural. The 2011 census of population and housing show that 21.55 million people living in Australia. Over a quarter...
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