Ten Mile River

Topics: Morality, Juvenile delinquency, Best Friends Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Madison Dedman A2
Book Review: Ten Mile River
Ray and Jose are the result of the foster system and have long ago deserted it. The style of writing is very creative while Paul Griffin uses a dialogue that demonstrates a different type of jargon of young teen age boys. They share a brotherly love, however many homophobic jokes establish that they love each other in a family sense. In Paul Griffin’s “Ten Mile River” (published 2009), Ray is the brains, and on the other hand, Jose is the brawn. Despite their differences, the two boys are supportive of one another through thick and thin – love, danger, and asinine decision making. Best friends Ray and Jose are on their own and on the run. They hide out in Ten Mile River, a wildwood Harlem Park. Street-smart Jose and charismatic Ray are almost blood brothers up until they meet Trini: Yolie’s (owner of Yolanda’s Braid Palace) niece. She’s clever, confident, and both of the boys fall head over heels for her. But somehow, Ray gets the short end of the deal, even though he met Trini first. Ray must find a different future for himself aside from Ten Mile River and Jerry’s dirty deeds. After reading this book, you realize that the cause and effect type of plot is trying to reveal that as people grow up, they develop their own moral standards through personal experience, guidance, and influence. Although he had the mouth of a sailor, Jose definitely had the label of a charmer. Every move he made was sly and had ladies swooning on the spot. Jose’s heck of a personality matched his heck of a thirst for adventure and excitement. Raymond on contrary had more of a mellow disposition and was always thinking ahead. Ray was an avid reader and a dog lover. Parents didn’t exist and school was out of the question. The boys made by, by doing 5 finger discounts, and stealing gangster cars and selling them to a sketchy mechanic named Jerry. After various chaotic experiences in Jerry’s stealing business and being Juvenile delinquents,...
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