Telephone and Internet

Topics: Telephone, Internet, History of the Internet Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: November 16, 2011
When I was thinking about life before the human inventions, I couldn’t believe how difficult life was. One of the big inventions is Internet. It is useful for several reasons. After its invention my life became more agile and simple. It changed the world making human life much easier. I have always thought of the Internet as one of the most important inventions created. Before the internet life was hard. People only communicated through letters or telephone. Letters took hours or days to get to their destinations. Previously people spent time and money sending letters and making phone calls. Next, books were the most important search tool that existed before that invention. To do researches people had to read lots of books. It was very common for people to spend money buying expensive encyclopedias. Next, the world news and information was watched, read and listened to on televisions, newspapers and radios. Before that people used to buy newspapers much more than today. The news wasn't followed at real time, only according to the television and radio schedule. I think the internet helps make life much easier. The internet changed my life. After its invention, I can talk to people around the world independent of the place or distance that they are. It is cheaper than the telephone. It is great to talk with my family and friends without spending much money. Also, any kind of information or news can be found on the internet. I have always used it when I need to do a search. One of my favorite hobbies is reading news on the Internet. Also, I can shop though the internet. When I buy my things there I can save time and money. On the internet it is possible through the reviews of people whom had already bought something, to know the quality of the product. I think living without internet today would be a challenge. The internet is the cheapest means of communication in the world. The use of internet by many businesses, organization and the general public has increased...
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