Tefl Lesson Plan Assignment

Topics: Past tense, Question, Grammatical tense Pages: 9 (1895 words) Published: June 4, 2012
Lesson Plan: Past simple

Learning Objective:Students will be able to talk about what they have done over the last year

Level: Basic or Intermediate

Ages: Teens or Adults

StageTeacher´s Objective
Procedure – Teacher
(How you would teach)Procedure - Students
(What would students be doing)T/S Ratio
Warm up/Review

15 minutes
To relax the students and prepare them for the lesson and get them used to speaking in front of the class. To use language previously taught.

You need to think of a game or an activity using language previously presented.ACTION: Word Association: Write on the whiteboard ‘word association’ then explain that each student will take it in turn to say a word associated with the word said by the previous student. Each student will have 5 seconds to think of a word and if they fail to think of one within that time they are out and we move onto the next student keeping the chain going. Provide an example on the whiteboard such as walk, sprint, athlete, medal, winner etc. The teacher shall start the activity with a chosen word then as each student says their word it is written on the whiteboard by the teacher. The last person remaining is the winner or if the activity hasn’t been won after 10 minutes it is stopped and the remaining students are the winners. Next the teacher will work through the listed words asking the students if they are nouns, verbs or adjectives and also to explain the meaning of any words students didn’t recognize.Students will work in one large group though each will compete as an individual. All students will be active participants. Students will use words previously learnt.20/80

5 minutesThis is to introduce today’s class and what topics are to be covered. The student shall be told what their objectives and goals are for the day. Bring the focus of the class towards the white board and read todays objective: The student shall talk about a past holiday (Simple past) The student will be listening to the teacher.90/10


25 minutes

The goal is to teach the tense ‘simple past’. Examples of how and when this is used will be given in everyday situations.

The first step is to look at previous knowledge.

Elicit answers from questions involving topics covered in previous classes.

Draw a timescale or use a projected image.

Use examples to show affirmative, negative and a question sentences.

Interact with the students asking them to fill the blanks.

Explain the tense we are now going to talk in and continue to ask students to answer the questions verbally correcting if need be.

Explain ‘Past Simple Tense’ and its formula.

Write an affirmative sentence along with a negative one and also a question and leave them on the board for reference.
Step one: Begin by asking the students a number of questions using their previous knowledge.

Explain how we speak in present, past and future tenses. Show timeline image.

Ask them to pick the correct sentence (show image)

Tomorrow : I ran a marathon
I will be running a marathon

Correct any student who gets it wrong then explain why ‘tomorrow I will be running a marathon’ is right and how the other is a past tense.

Demonstrate on the timescale where each sentence lies.

Point to the present on the timescale and explain that we are now going to look at present simple.

Write on the board:

You are swimming
You aren’t swimming
Are you swimming?

Ask the students which is affirmative, negative and which is a question.

Next ask the students to fill in the gaps and write on the board while pointing at each saying if they are to be negative, positive or questions. Give the first as an example

He plays football (positive)
----- ------ play football (negative)
---- ----- play football (question)

Next explain we are going...
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