Respiratory System

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Respiratory System
Lung Model
Grade: 5th

Rational: Students can't look inside their chest and observe how their lungs work. After making a working model of the respiratory system students can connect what they read about the respiratory system with what they see. Prior Knowledge: Students have read aloud a respiratory system chapter from their science book, "Discovery Works" in class. Students should know the parts of the respiratory system and the basics of how it operates. Objective: Students will be able to create a working model of a lung, while better learning how the respiratory system works. Assessment: I will be walking around the room as children build there models and will ask questions during the closure assessing students by their various answers. Hook: Has anyone ever seen a real life lung before? Well today, using a model we are going to make in groups, we are going to see what happens to your lungs in the respiratory system. Activity:

I. The students will be told that each student will get an opportunity to participate. Students will be grouped by threes or twos to allow more participation in the activity.  
II. One student in each group will be directed to:
- Cut the opening of a small balloon and pull it over one end of a drinking straw. - Use tape to attach the balloon to the straw.
III. The scissors are to be passed to another student in the group and directed to: -Cut the end of the water bottle.
-Cut the neck off a large balloon. Have someone hold the plastic bottle. Then stretch the balloon over the cut end of the bottle.  
IV. The last student in the group will be directed to:
-Use modeling clay to hold the straw in place and to seal the mouth of the bottle.  
1. What do you think will happen to the small balloon when you pull down and push up on the large balloon? 2. So what happened to the small balloon?
3. Based on your model what part of your body do you think the straw represents? What...
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