Teenagers Social Problems

Topics: Sexually transmitted disease, Human sexual behavior, Adolescence Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: September 21, 2010
Teenagers social problems can be related to anything that happens in this society. Teenagers can be affected about anything. They grow in a society that still has many unresolved issues and they are the ones that have to suffer. Social problems can be as simple as listening to loud music in a park. This might disturb many people, or smoking on the street. These simple and most common things can be considered social problems. More serious ones are for example those related to drug abuse in high schools. Because there are so many drug dealers teenagers start to take drugs out of curiosity. There are three big reasons why teenagers take drugs : curiosity, peer pressure and availability.

The most influential one is peer pressure. They want to be just as their friends and in a group of people you can`t say no to challenges because you will look silly. This is the main reason why kids take drugs from a young age. Also, there is the problem of availability. There are too many drug dealers that find kids with money who are willing to try them once. Trying once is just a figure of speach, drug dealers know that they won`t stop here . Drugs create dependence and so we hear daily at the news that another kids is sent to rehab centre or has been found in school in a poor state. These years are most crucial in the maturation process. Every kid is faced with the task of figuring out his sef identity, becoming independent and choosing a road in life than can eventually bring him a good situation.

Another teenagers social problem is unwanted pregnancy at the age of sixteen or seventeen. There should be held classes in every school, about sexual encounters. Improving communication about sexuality to children might change some of the already formed ideas that kids have. Besides the fact that girls can end up pregnant if they don`t use protection, there is also the possibility of taking sexually transmitted diseases. Most of the parents don`t explain to their children what is...
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