Influence on Teenagers

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  • Published : January 18, 2013
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Assalammualaikum and very good morning to Mr.Lim and all my friends. My name is Nur Syahirah Binti Md Yusof. Today i will give my opinion about the important influences on teenagers. In my opinion,the friends has an important influence on teenagers. . This will be proven by analyzing the facts that adolescents tend to spend a lot of time with their friends. First of all, young adults prefer spending their time with their friends and hanging out with them. Take myself for instance. I am a teenager, and I usually have the feeling that staying at home with my parents is somehow boring. Also, I love going to parties in which there are a lot of teenagers so that I can make new friends. Hanging out with friends is one of the most interesting things I can do while being a teenager. I believe that other young adults have the same interest. That is the reason why they hold a lot of parties, trips and even volunteering activities. Young adults want to be more sociable and outgoing. Secondly, Unhealthy behaviors can be almost contagious among kids this age. Teens whose friends smoke, drink or use drugs, for example, are more likely to indulge in these behaviors themselves. Aggressive, illegal or self-injurious behaviors also have a tendency to cluster among friend groups, as do concerns about body image and eating. Thirdly, there are a lot of things that an adolescent cannot easily talk about to his or her parents, such as privacy problems. They discuss such issues with their friends instead and its always being there to help and cope when his or her need them. Moreover, parents usually misunderstand their children when they grow up, which may even lead to arguments. If this is a continuing problem, teenagers will avoid their parents because they do not want to cause disagreement.
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