Do Teenagers Have Too Much Freedom

Topics: Adolescence, Puberty, Young adult Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Teenagers have too much freedom?
This I do not agree with and in my essay I will discuss why people might think this, the responsibilities that restrict teenager freedom, there expectations and how it is just parent to afraid to let their children go.

First of all teenagers have a lot to deal with and have a lot of responsibilities. They have jobs, going through puberty. And on top of that they are trying to prove them selves responsible and grown up to their parents. A lot more teenagers are moving out younger and younger these days. And if parents would understand them a bit more then it wouldn’t be so stressful for teenagers

Secondly school takes away a lot of freedom.
Freedom of time, originality, choices, freedom of speech and even freedom we have after school. “School and homework take up most of the little time I have. During work, school and sleeping there’s no time to do anything else. Not even in the holidays.” Says Santana Tainui an average, normal fifteen year old student from Dannevirke High School. This is important to know because most teenagers are struggling with this “freedom.” This usually leading in poor school results, too much pressure and teenagers dropping out of school and society.

Parent’s hold back a lot of their children’s freedom. They like to make sure their children do not make the mistakes they made when they were younger, failing to realize that they are holding their children back from experience. Also parents have a lot expectations for their children to go to school, get good grades, not talk back and to do what their told when their told, so where is the freedom in that? I think that parent are to scared to let their children in to the world fearing that they will loose touch, or not survive the world. As Good Charlotte (the rock band) have quoted in one of their songs “The River” “To the praying mother and the worried father let your children go if they come back they’ll come home stronger and if they don’t you’ll...
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