Topics: Friendship, Critical thinking, Love Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Nowadays teenager which is 15 to 18 years old is matured enough to do their own decision. I totally disagree if parents make important decision for them. They are grow up enough to make a correct decision for their own future. They still can ask their parents opinion but let them decide which way they want to follow. Sometime have parents that really care to their child until the smallest or simple thing they will decide. This is not good because they need to accept everything eventhough they do not like their parents decision. Benefit if we let them do their own decision are a lot. One of it is when they are 15 years old they need to decide which course they will take for form four whether science class ,economic class, art class and others. Parents want the best for their child so they will force their child to have pure science class without ask they like or not. Parents think if their child take art or economic class they will do not have bright future. For me let them make their own decision because they are the only one who have right to choose their future looks like. They will look many aspect to make a decision because only they know which subject they most interested and occupied their ability . This is good because they will use their critical mind to think and be independent. They will stimulate their skill if they do own decision. Example, if they like to write or drawing. They will use their skill to make such wonderful picture by using their art skill. Not all people can draw and only certain people have that ability. Nowadays, by sell one picture the can get thousand of money which is more expensive compare doctor salary one month. All people can write and create a story or poem. Unfortunately, they writing do not have any quality. Different to people who have really like to write they will learn to make such a perfect writing by using their skill in term of language. Imagine if this child do not love to become a doctor but their...
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