Sequence and Rate of Each Aspect of Development from Birth to 16 Years

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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K9. A basic outline of the expected pattern of children
and young people’s development.
Physical development
Children develop physical development in different areas like on the playground playing catch or in P.E. using the large equipment, it is assumed to take place automatically as they grow up. Communication and intellectual development

In order to think and learn pupils need language which is closely linked to communication and intellectual development, alternative communication methods should be introduced if speech and language difficulties are experienced. Intellectual development

Children are given intellectual development at a young age and their own experiences. It is important to know that children learn in different ways and at different speed, and find particular activities more or less difficult than other according to own strengths and abilities. Social, emotional and behavioral development

Children should learn to have confidence in becoming independent from adults as they get older, these development is about how children feel about themselves and relate to others.

The table below shows the different developments to age.
| 0-3 Years| 3-7 Years| 7-12 Years| 12-16 Years|
Physical development| Period of fast physical development.New born have little control over their bodies. Sucking and grasping which are reflexes of movement, which they need to survive, in the first year they learn more control over their bodies, by 12 months most babies have developed to crawling or rolling, by their 2nd year they continue to grow and develop quickly learning to walk, using their hands for pointing, holding small objects, and dressing and feeding themselves. | They can carry out more coordinated movements and growing in confidence. They have more control over fine motor skills like cutting, writing and drawing. They also have more confident in activities such as running hopping, kicking a ball, catching and using larger equipment.| They...
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