Teenage Suicide

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The most tragic solution of treatable depression is suicide. Suicide is one of the most highest death rate in young adults. Suicide is brought on by heavy amounts of stress that lead to major depression. Every day situations in a teenagers life can build up and cause stress that some may not be able to handle. For suicide victims, they think the only answer to their problems is obviously taking their own life away. Although there are many suicides each year, there are even more suicide attempts. One major factor of suicide is bullying. Studies show, a great amount of students surveyed said they were once bullied. Showing a greater number than the year before, bullying rates are going up each year. Although inperson bullying is not as popular as it was in the pat, cyberbullying is a big trend. Teens are being called names and getting made fun of over the internet more often as techonogly is getting more popular. In recent news, a teenage girl was bullied to death because she was simply dating an older boy. The major way to stop these suicides from happening is education. People who learn about suicide and how to deal with it can help other people, and maybe even themselves. There are many warning signs that everyone should be aware of in order to prevent suicide in young and even old adults. Although some vicitms of suicide do not reach for help, many do. There are also many organizations in the country today to help prevention of suicide. Spreading the word about these programs can influence and maybe save someone life.

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The Problem

Suicide is defined as the deliberate taking of ones own life (“Teen Suicide,” 2008). According to Schimelpfening, suicide is considered to be the most tragic complication of untreated depression today (Schimelpfening, 2009). It is is the third leading cause of death among young people aged 15-24 ("Teen suicide statistics," 2010). It would be a lie to say teenagers today do not experience high amounts of stress. School work, sports, peer pressure, bullying, drug abuse and many other things are major factors of stress that teenagers encounter throughout their years. For some, suicide may appear to be a solution to their problems and stress. Depression is said to cause most teenage suicides. Experts say the solution to teenage suicide is simply prevention. Knowledge of suicidal behavior and what to do when encountered are key components of prevention (“Teen Suicide,” 2008).

Suicide has often been called a “permanent solution to a temporary problem”. In the middle of depression it can begin to look like the only option left when obviously, it is not (Schimelpfening, 2009). The National Alliance on Mental Illness said, "In 1996, more teenagers and young adults died of suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia/influenza, and chronic lung disease combined." Experts believe there are as many as 25 suicide attempts for each one that is completed, not including attempts and suicides that are never heard about. Therefore, suicide is becoming a greater problem in the world today ("Teen suicide statistics," 2005).

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Bullying is one major factor of teenage suicide. The new term being used to describe this type of suicide is, “bullycide”, a suicide caused by the effects of bullying ("Jaredstory," ). In 2009, a study showed that nearly 1 in 3 student between the asges 12 and 18 have been bullied in their school career (Ollove 2010). Years before, only 14 percent of that number said they were bullied. Showing that, the rate of bullying is going up in schools (Ollove 2010). Cyber-bullying is the more popular bullying these days with the technological advances. Cyber-bullying is when teenagers are bullied over the internet on websites or instant messaging. Even the smallest...
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