Virgin Suicides

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  • Published : December 1, 2005
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Each year suicide is becoming more common in the United States among adolescents, according to the Suicide and Mental Health Association International. The main reason why adolescents commit suicide is because they are depressed. In the article "Nightmare in the Mirror" by Scott Long, he explains that adolescence has changed throughout the years. An assertion he makes is that teens have "Angst and bouts of suicidal despair distinguish this gloomy figure…" (Long 156). Long explains that throughout the years, adolescents have become sadder and depressed. Adolescents, who suffer from depression and are suicidal, don't usually inform others. Those adolescents fall into the third quadrant of the Johari Window. The Johari Window is a useful model that shows the process of human interaction. The third quadrant is known as the "façade". In the "façade", it provides information that is known to you, but that is not known to others. For example, in the "façade" can be secrets about yourself that you want no one else to know about. All of this information relates to the film The Virgin Suicides. The film The Virgin Suicides is about the Lisbon family and their five teenage daughters. After the youngest daughter commits suicide, the parents of the girls become very strict and eventually take them out of high school. The girls remain imprisoned in their own home, with hardly any contact from the outside world. The overprotection of the Lisbon girl's parents caused them all to be depressed which eventually led to their suicide.

The Lisbon girls killed themselves because their parents were overprotective which caused them to be depressed and eventually caused them all to commit suicide. You can tell from watching the film that the parents of the Lisbon girls were overprotective. For example, taking the girls out of high school and imprisoning them in their own home. It all started after the youngest daughter Cecilia suddenly committed suicide. The remaining girls descended...
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