Teen Pregnancy

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Article Review: Teen Pregnancy

Article Review: Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is considered an epidemic; this epidemic is a real problem and affects every state in the nation. The state of California has one of the highest rates in the nation. This paper will explain the definition of public and community health and why teen pregnancy is an issue of public health. Along with public health the paper will explain the information available about teen pregnancy on a government level, state level and local levels. Also the paper will detail how each level of governments work together.

Public and Community Health

Public and community health is the discipline and skill of caring for and developing the health of specific regions, cities, and states through increasing knowledge, endorsing healthy lifestyles, and study disease and illness prevention. Public and community health mean the same thing. The people who work for the community, police and firemen who help save people are a part of public and community health. Also part of public and community health is motor vehicle safety, community disease prevention programs and many more. Teen pregnancy is part of public and community health because family planning clinics and programs are part of the community and the main part of the program is to help teens not become pregnant by promoting safe sex.

Teen Pregnancy California

In December 1995, the California Family Impact Seminar (CAFIS) was given an endowment by The California Wellness Foundation and the Alliance Healthcare Foundation for a teenage pregnancy and parenting data policy planning project (Powell, 1996). The project was created because of the high teen pregnancy amounts in California. The numbers were the highest among Latino and African American teenagers. The task entailed obtaining data concerning the ability of current statistical information relevant to teenage pregnancy. Additionally, information regarding...
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