Teen Pregnancy

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy Pages: 5 (1897 words) Published: September 15, 2012
In recent years teen pregnancy is increasing rapidly, it seems to have become a fashion statement. There are so many teenagers becoming parents while still attending high school. Most experts believe that teen pregnancy is declining but unmarried teen pregnancy is increasing. I believe it up to us to set an example for the children and teenagers today, what do you believe? “Even though teen childbearing overall has declined steeply over the last half-century, the proportion of all teen births that are non-marital has increased equally dramatically from 13% in the 1950s to 79% in 2000. Two factors are at play, the first is that marriage in the teen years, which was not uncommon in the 1950s has become quite rare. (By the mid-1990s, the typical age of first marriage in the U.S. has risen to just over 25 for women and 27 for men.) The second is that this trend has extended to pregnant teens as well: In contrast to the days of the “shot-gun” marriage,” very few teens who become pregnant nowadays marry before their baby is born” (Boonstra , February 2002) The teen pregnancy rate in the United States has decreased remarkably since 1991; however, this rate remains the highest among industrialized nations (Ventura, 2002). Nearly 1 million young women 15-19 years of age, or 20% of all sexually active women in this age group become pregnant each year. The majority of these pregnancies are unplanned (Henshaw S.1998 , Trussell J. 1988). The effects of a teen pregnancy (or pregnancy before age 20) on young mothers and fathers, their children, and society as a whole can be profound. Young mothers are more likely to drop out of school to require public assistance and to live in poverty. In fact, teen mothers have earning that average less than one half of the poverty level (Maynard RA. 1997) It has been said that television could be one cause of teen pregnancy. “Due to the onslaught of movies from Hollywood that are romanticizing unexpected teen pregnancy, it is worrisome that some teens may be disillusioned into emulating what they are seeing. These movies are nowhere close to representing teen pregnancy in its true light, which is much harder than it is made to look. The movies misrepresent everything from adoption to single motherhood, and magazines are portraying “baby bumps” as fashion accessories, sending teens mixed messages. It is ultimately up to parents and educators alike to set the record straight for teens by reiterating how complicated and tough these situations are in real life” (Horin, 2011). Television shows a lot of sex and nudity and that what children and teenagers think they are supposed to do. There are four movies that misrepresent being a young mother- Juno, Knocked up, Waitress, and Bella- the single girls and young women all decide to have their babies. They all find support and live happily ever after. The right to life (faction) must be ecstatic (Horin.A 2011). There are people that do not approve of the show 16 and pregnant that airs on MTV because in some ways they believe that this show helps contribute to the rise in teen sex and pregnancies. They don’t think that it was MTV’s intention but it is true. There is an article on whether or not the show glamorizes teen pregnancy and the article stated that since the show has aired teen pregnancy has rose 3% in the state of Texas (Blake.S, 2011). Parents that allow their children to watch that show probably think that the show itself opens the eyes of their children but that’s not what’s happening. Some teens that look at that show are mesmerized because they are only seeing what they want to see. I have interacted with some teens who have watched that show and I see things in them that they are displaying too early in life.

In this day and age the teenagers are becoming pregnant and not finishing high school. Without their education they can’t get jobs and will continue to receive public assistance further placing the economy in a...
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