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Use your favorite Internet search engine and find an example of a successful innovation and one that was not so successful. What were the reasons for success? For failure? Which of these reasons relate to poor planning? What does this tell you about the key success to innovation?

Innovation is the process of using intellectual capital to create new products or services that generate positive business results in the form of financial returns. Discovering new findings then spurs more innovation which leads to further financial returns, and so on. Innovation is successful when positive outcomes result in return on investment (ROI). That is why Value Creation is so important. Adding perceived value to a new product or service will drive ROI. The value proposition is the key to successful innovation. Develop an innovation with high perceived value to your customer, and strong sales will follow.

It’s all about understanding your customer and giving them what they want. Customer input and feedback is key. Look at Ford for example. The car manufacturer observed and listened to their large customer base on what they wanted in a car. They launched the “Your Ideas” initiative that invited people to make suggestions for improvement in all areas of comfort, convenience, connectivity, performance and safety. The result? Ford added iPod, MP3 player and USB connections, touch screens, voice activated communication systems, intelligent push-start buttons and more. Sales are soaring - not because of the traditional four wheels and performance but because of perceived value added features. Ford Motor Company now has the highest customer satisfaction rating among all major automakers.

When was the last time you tried or experienced your product or customer experience? Create value and not just onerous processes. Consumer input should be considered at multiple stages of your new product development process in order to increase perceived value. Enhanced product...
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