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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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While growing up in the 1930s and growing up in the 21st century share many similarities, they also share many differences. Similarities between the two might include how children still like to play the same games that they did in the 1930s continuing to the 21st century. Some games may include hid and seek or checkers. In the 1930s kids liked to play checkers with other kids or their parents. Another game the kids in the 1930s might have played is cards of a type of game that you play with cards such as go fish. In the 21st century many kids still enjoy games that kids played in the 1930s such as hide and go seek outside or inside of their house. Another game that kids in the21st century still admire is scrabble. The kids would play the game with their peers or parents. Although many games are still common in the 21st century from the 1930s, there are many other differences between the two times such as the use of technology.

The use of technology is changing at a rapid paste from people thinking every day of how to make the human life easier such as more efficient telephone and video games, which have caused kids growing up at these two times to have an ample effect on them as they grow older. The Telephones in the 1930s was a fairly large console in a building of house with a rotating dial to call people. When people entered to use the telephone to call someone they would have to go to the nearest phone. Kids would be more outside in the 1930s because of the less distractions of the Cell phone for texting or playing games. Video games were not present in the 1930s which also had an effect in kids because they would not be distracted by the pleasure of playing and spend more time outdoors. In the 21st Century however, some kids may have entered a “second life” which is where the kid is on his or her computer all day which can be lead to the addiction of the computer or cell phone. Kids in the 21st century spend much more times indoors then they did in the...
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