Technology: Culture and Internet

Topics: World Wide Web, Culture, Internet Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: October 11, 2012
How Internet and Computer Technology has changed the World Culture

Internet has changed our lives, before the internet, Life was completely different. In early times, people sent letters for communication, but now a day, The World Wide Web has changed the world in more than one way. The Internet has suddenly changed politics, business, and culture. Now today, there is no need to sent letters, it is the modern era, the information technology time, in which information can take not more than half second to be sent.

The technologies are growing, developing, but did the culture changed and turned into a single culture, not at all. Discovery of computers and internet has come like a miracle to mankind. Through this the worldwide communication has increased. People are gaining knowledge about other cultures, but this does not mean that they are fully adopting the other culture and this is because some are interested in Pakistani culture, while others are interested in Indian or the American or European culture etc. Therefore, different people have different choices and everybody follow the culture of their own choice. Internet has changed the face of things in our world in these ways: * Business

* Email
* Banking
* Socializing
* Personal info
* Knowledge sharing
The explanation of these points is as follows:
Today, the internet can spread any business in few seconds. It has never been easier to keep in contact with customers as it is today. Customers interact with computer system for usage of internet. Email keeps us from having to go to the post office and drop our letters into a mail box. Nobody, today purchase tickets, stamps. Only the letter is written in mail, after click on send button, within a few minutes the recipient is able to read what we wrote. We can do all of our banking from our home. If we have direct deposit and we want to pay our bills, we can do that very easily now. If we want to move money from our checking...
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