The Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

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The advantages and disadvantages of internet
With the expansion of high-technology, the use of internet is spreading at a rapid pace. Although many people firmly believe that the invention of internet is by no means beneficial, I still consent that it has pros and cons, thus should be viewed in both aspects. First and for most, internet has completely altered the mode of communication. In the past, letters and telegrams were mostly used for distanted contact. Later telephones became dominant, but the price was too high to call someone living abroad. Now with internet, one can send e-mails or even have an instant chat with a friend living in a foreign country. Sometimes one can even see the image of the friend on the screen provided that he has a digital camera. What’s more amazing, the price is fairly low! In a word, internet erased the problem of distant communication. Moreover, internet provides an easy access to the information around the world. If one wants to know the latest news of another country, be it weather or stock statistics, all he has to do is to use the ‘searching engine’ and everything is ready on the screen! Convenient, isn’t it? Internet has indeed made our world a global village. However, some disadvantages also come along with the benefits. The most troublesome one appears to be the security problem. Because of the incompleteness of internet development, some hackers can easily invade a personal computer and copy some personal information, such as bank account, password etc. this may lead to great loss of the computer user. Moreover, there are quite a number of unhealthy websites which propagandize violence and pornography. These are extremely harmful for teenagers. As a conclusion, while highlighting the convenience internet has brought to modern life, we should not neglect the side-effects. Only have we paid enough attention to diminish the disadvantages can internet become a great helper to our lives.
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