Technology & Classrooms......

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Technology & classrooms......
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There are many ways that technology would be used to facilitate and enhance instruction in the classroom, Before discussing various software applications used by teachers and students this chapter provides a basic overview of the operating system and the user interface used on Macs, PCs, and mobile devices. (Teachers, chapter4) Gradebook software is a very useful tool, it makes the educator, keep up with all classroom activities and test. Most gradebook software allows you to pathway to your students and sort students. The program will allow for grading scales, curves and cutoffs. Interactive digital media applications give way to personalized instruction and exploring. School therefore becomes a positive and productive environment. Many educational software applications now are curriculum-specific educational software correlated to common core state standards. With many technological advances today, Teachers can have these and many programs, either installed or available for use on the school system and networks. Like iLife, Inspiration, Kidspiration, Ultimate Writing and Creativity Center, StoryWeaver, Microsoft Publisher, PaintShop Photo Pro, Photoshop, Disney Magic Artist Online, Kid Works Deluxe, MediaWorks, Kid Pix, and Adobe Creative Suite. Teachers 2000, 131) Critical-thinking applications are essential to the understanding of problem and the solving of given problem.. These fun and interactive programs include Kidspiration, Trudy's Time & Place House, Sammy's Science House, the JumpStart. (Teachers 2000, 131) In the last century, the classroom really hasn't changed all that much. With the arrival of the computer in the classroom, that may finally be changing. More and more people now see computer skills as one of the new basics every child should have, just like reading, writing, and arithmetic. Those that do not have computer skills really do not have basic...
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