Using Technology in Primary Classrooms

Topics: Education, Learning, Intelligence Pages: 3 (641 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Using Technology in Primary Classrooms1

Journal Article Review
Marcus Hurey
University of West Georgia
CEPD 4101
October 20, 2012
Dr. Hayes

Using Technology in Primary Classrooms 2

Journal Article Review
Using technology in primary classrooms by: Roseanne DePasquale, Erin McNamara, and Karen Murphy details how technology has definitely become a part of most children’s lives. Many school systems and child development programs have implemented technology into their programs as a learning tool. With the use of growing technology in classrooms many questions have arose. According to the article, “Visions of programmed instruction and electronic worksheets have caused teachers to fear that children will miss out on key experiences that support their development if computer technology infiltrates teaching.” I agree with this statement because students should have a balance between instructional patterns. In this article, I was introduced to some of the broader issues around using technology with young children. All three authors of this article gave great examples of how to integrate technology into lesson plans for young children in relation to science. Technology does have a place in today’s modern classroom. For technology to fulfill its promise as a powerful contributor to learning, it must be used to deepen children’s engagement in meaningful and intellectually authentic curriculum. After all, technology is a tool, and as such it should be selected because it is the best tool for the job. (Beyond the Journal 2) Many educators are just beginning to explore the true potential that technology offers for teaching and learning. If technology is properly used, it will help students acquire the necessary skills needed to survive in a complex, highly technological knowledge-based economy.

Using Technology in Primary Classrooms 3
Many children really have no experiences with technology. Effective tech integration must...
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