Teaching Technological Literacy in Middle School Exclusive of Technological Literate Educators

Topics: Education, College, Teacher Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Teaching Technological Literacy in Middle School Exclusive of Technological Literate Educators

Section One: Project Introduction
In a world that has only one constant factor, which is change, it is imperative as educators to provide an education for students that will provide them with a successful foundation for their future endeavors. In order to provide accurate material to students, we, as an educational community, need to gain an understanding for where the world and society is today, as well as the projected developments of the future. Whether the middle school students sitting in the classroom are college bound, or eager to enter the workforce upon high school graduation, all students are in need of technology education. Today, the projected job market is dominated by technology oriented positions and professional growth. An article from the U.S. News reports “As technology seemingly advances its way into every nook and cranny of our society, the job market for individuals with vat knowledge of it is ever expanding” (U.S. News, 2012). However, technology education cannot be efficiently reached if the educators are not given the resources to teach technology. By providing teachers with the knowledge to infuse their lessons with technology, students will be given a competitive edge when entering college, or a technological driven society.

One main achievement issue for the students at a middle school in the county I teach is the availability of technology resources when learning and interacting at school. Technology resources in school are limited in comparison to the technology being used in the world today. This resource hurdle gives way to urgent action to improve the resources given to students as a learning tool for tomorrow’s society. However the difficulty is presented when educators are not educated on how to effectively use technology in their classroom, much less is provided with the resources to effectively infuse technology and...
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