Technology Around Us

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  • Published : December 25, 2010
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Today we live in the 21st century, a century ruled by technology. Like everything, technology has its advantages and disadvantages but we can’t argue about the fact that it helped developing our world. When radio and television were invented, people thought that was not possible to create such things and doubted there would ever be something bigger. They were wrong, seeing as nowadays having a television is quite common. What’s not common is the amount of devices that has been created to entertain people, such as cell phones, IPods, play stations, laptops, etc. Mac has even created a device between a smartphone and a laptop computer named iPad. Along with technology comes the improvement of specific subjects as medicine and science. Creating new machines, discovering new medicines and diseases only helps to make people’s lives healthier and longer. Everything is more accessible, for instance education and justice. Kids used to focus their attention on running errands and working on their parents’ farms, instead of studying and thinking ahead of their futures. But as the years passed, education became relevant and important in every kid’s life. New schools, libraries and public transportations were built or developed, and new courses began to be studied. The weightiest disadvantage that comes with technology is nature. It’s right to say that our nature is currently worse than had once been, but it’s also right to say that people care about it more and they are willing to do whatever it takes to revert this situation. We must be aware that almost every action we do will help to degrade our environment, most likely through water, air and ground pollution. For instance, extinction of species is one of the consequences of water pollution, but it has been increasing because there’s too much killing and illegal hunting. As animals decrease, human population grows, which explains the rise of pollution. It’s difficult to live in a world so strongly attached with...
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