Do People Rely on Technology Too Much These Days?

Topics: Internet, Mobile phone, Science Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Do people rely on technology too much these days?

In many ways technology contributes to a high level of comfort in our lives, improving our working and living conditions. People today use technological devices many times a day from microwaving a meal to watching football. Technological progress increases dramatically every year with new technology coming out every few months. Technology has brought us television and mobile phones, microwaves and cameras. Human beings have already been to the moon, and seen images of the distant galaxies. With the help of modern medicine and science it is now possible to cure a lot of diseases, and live longer than people could before.  But it seems like people depend on this technology too much. For example people almost cannot live without their mobile phones. We will not be able to be out of touch for even a few minutes. Another point is the Internet. Now any information is available to anyone who has a computer and an internet connection. However, there are a lot of bad things about the net – pornography, viruses, spam. It is much easier to steal important information or commit a crime. Companies could lose huge amounts of money because of cyber-crime. Moreover, failure of electronic appliances, for instance computer equipment, could lead to unpredictable consequences in business, and such fields as military forces and aviating. To conclude, it is quite clear that technology brings significant advantages and improvements to our lives, giving the opportunity to increase living standards and make it easier to regularize the world. However, mankind should always remember other ways to survive, in case if something will go wrong with all the devices and appliances on the planet.
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