Do We Rely Too Much on Technology?

Topics: Mobile phone, IPhone OS, Technology Pages: 2 (844 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Do we rely too much on technology?
Technology is a great thing, it is used anywhere and everywhere around the world. Whether it’s a radio or an iPad, we all have some sort of technological device lying around somewhere in the house. Technology can be portrayed as our twenty-first century slave (without the feeding). You can ask it to do something and it will do it for you, it is a way of improving our living conditions. This might draw you back on a present for your mum or your house bills, but which one would you rather have? As we create a new generation of gadget hungry children that live on technology, do we rely too much on it? Let’s use mobile phones as an example, one in three adults have a phone and the same with nine in ten children. When was the last time you used one? Or are you using one right now? If you are like me then you can’t be off your phone for more than two minutes. If you are not calling someone then you are texting someone. If you are not texting someone, then you are browsing the web, most likely you would be on facebook or twitter. If you are not doing any of those things then you would be staring blindly at your phone with nothing to do, or just waiting for something to happen. Can we not stop using our phones and do something more productive? We seem very reluctant to just turn our phones off. Being a user myself I have nothing against mobile phones, but technology has become more than a tool and more of a lifestyle. The main purpose of a phone is to make and receive calls, not search for the nearest restaurant within 500 metres. We all have to adapt to a new generation of technology, especially with innovative devices soon to be released such as new ranges of skinny TV’s, new iPods and iPhones etc. It’s all something we have to get used to. As time passes by technology seems to get better, better and better. When I was a kid all I remember was playing with my yu-gi-oh cards at break time with my friends and occasionally feeding my...
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