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technology addiction

Technology surrounds us wherever we go and we are in constant with all sorts of devices without thinking how many time about their usage. This could not be truer for mobile phones and how we use them in society today. Within the last decade, the prevalence of cell phone ownership and usage has increased sharply. Nowadays, it is no longer the calls that are taking up a caller’s time, but the innumerable text messages being sent throughout the day.

According to the Japanese experts, “It could be the end of the humanity, if the technology stopped suddenly”. Indeed this article indicates how people in these days depend on the technology which has double-edged sword. The disadvantages of technology is more dangerous than drugs because, the destroys the nation entirely. Anecdotal reports indicated that some internet users were becoming addicted to the Internet in much that same way that others became addicted to drugs or alcohol which resulted in academic, social, and occupational impairment. However, research among sociologists, psychologists, or psychiatrists has not formally identified addictive use of the Internet as a problematic behavior. This study investigated the existence of Internet addiction and the extent of problems caused by such potential misuse.

Habitually, people cannot get enough of technology despite its disadvantages because technology became the demand of our daily life due to our environment. Unfortunately, the environment leads to this kind of behavior which now been out of humanity control and all knows that and they know one day they will pay for it. Recent reports indicated that some online users were becoming addicted to the Internet in much the same way that others became addicted to drugs, alcohol, or gambling. Unfortunately, there is some colleges force the their students to accustom with technology, mostly on internet by putting the text book online and this will introduce technology addicted generation.

The usage of technology abuse led to terrible circumstances which cost tangible and moral losses. Moreover, aggrieved in this issue are the children aged 4-11 years who are the victim of technology addiction because, they get used with the technology mostly on tablets since their early ages. More than that, their parents themselves support their kids because, they want their kids to be accustomed with technology but they don’t realize that the technology is more dangerous than just accustoming with it. According to World Health Organization (WHO), the new technology raise the risk of obesity due to spending more time surfing the internet. Only surfing the internet itself causes many illnesses like, eyestrain, headaches, Fistula, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Munchausen Syndrome. The reason of this behave is that people's worst fear, perhaps even more than dying, is being alone with their own thoughts and feelings. Technology distracts us from ourselves. It keeps us from going inside. If we feel bored or listless, it's easy to make a beeline to the computer and surf the net. If we didn’t look after this behavior it is going to affect the people in the future and it will make them like slaves to the technology.

Need for the study

This study aims to change the technology users behavior and reduce unnecessary consumption of it, while maintaining high life standard. According to World Health Organization (WHO), more than 70% of the people around the world excess healthy usage period of technology only for entertainment like, watching movies and listening songs. recently this issue been broadcast by BBC news and Dubai news on TV, said that most of the youth in these days are music addicted due to modern lifestyle. the reduction of technology usage abuse behavior will bring mental and physical wellness for the technology users. Obviously, the technology has been almost a life for us and we depend on it in almost everything for example, in...
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