Effects of Internet Use

Topics: Internet, Brain, Human brain Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: November 7, 2011
The Effects of Internet Addiction
As far as the developments that have changed the world considerably throughout the history are concerned, the internet is one of the most notable ones. With the internet’s becoming widespread all over the world, one can easily find the computer connected to the internet wherever he/she goes. However, there are certain bad effects steaming from using the internet excessively. According to the articles “This Is Your Brain On Internet” by Terrence Sejnowski and “Not At All” by Steven Pinker, both authors talk about the differences uses of internet on how the internet effecting our brains in a good or bad ways. According to the first article, “This Is Your Brain On Internet” by Terrence Sejnowski, the author quotes “Gaining knowledge and skills should benefit your survival, but not if you spend all your time immersed in the Internet”. In other words, the author is saying a person should use the internet to certain extent and not be so addicted or attached to it but also have other solutions on finding the problems, and doing different important things than just the internet. He is saying that we will have a bad impact in our brains if we lose the internet. What will happen in the long run when people these days are so addicted to it? For example, students are becoming addicted to the internet. They spend more and more time on playing games or just surfing the net without any particular reason. Once a person becomes addicted to the internet, he gradually begins to live separately from other people. Consequently, it becomes inevitable for him to end up being alienated from society. According to the second article by, “ Not at All” by Steven Pinker , the author states “the most interesting trend in development of the internet is not how it is changing people’s ways of thinking but how it is adapting to the way people think”. In other words his saying it’s ok to use internet, it doesn’t have a major impact in our...
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