Technology 1450-1750

Topics: Printing press, Renaissance, Protestant Reformation Pages: 3 (882 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Technological advances during the period 1450-1750, or the Renaissance Era, were major influences to the way of life seen today. The ships, tools for traveling, especially the ones made Portugal and Spain all Impact society today, allowing for the age of exploration to emerge. All these tools proved prosperous but known more important than the printing-press independently developed in Germany by Johannes Gutenberg. Germany before this time was divided, in other words not a country yet, but divided into a city-state format, different provinces ruled by a king under an interregnum. Also, before this era Germany was still under the Holy Roman Empire, in other words Catholic in their Religion. The impact that this new technology produced in the World at this time were extravagant. Beginning with the literacy rate going up due to the fact this new technology allowed for new books to be printed in different languages at a faster rate. Due to this, the new teachings of the Renaissance were able to be spread at a faster and must clearer way. The changes this new technology produced in Germany, allowed for trade to once again pick up, or to become better in its methods. Also, due to this new advance in trade, Europe was once again beginning to prosper after all the years in the Dark Ages. Although, these impacted most of Europe, Germany remained divided in the way it had always been, Also, religion remained the same even though the printing of new ideas. Finally, the way the provinces of Germany or the city-states remained the same government.

The changes the world was able to experience due to this new technology invented in Germany, the printing-press, changed the world in an enormous factor. To begin with, before the invention of the printing-press, making books meant copying all the words and illustrations by hand. Also, the copying of the book had been done on animal skin that had been scraped until it was clean, smooth, and thin. Such extensive treatment, to make...
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