How Did the Renaissance Differ from the Middle Ages

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How did the Renaissance differ from the Middle Ages.
There are many ways that renaissance differed with Middle Ages. This paper will mainly focus on a few of them. The fact that renaissance was not before middle ages is true. There are many differences adding to that. The first one is that gunpowder was first introduced in renaissance period. It led to the ending of knighthood era. Adding to this fact, discovery of this world came in the renaissance period. Another thing created during the renaissance period was the compass. This helped in travelling movements of travellers. In times of Middle Ages, religious orientation was throughout the world. Moreover, renaissance period made the world to become a secular one by the changes occurring during that period. Contributions to science advancements, literature and art were made during the renaissance period . These developments increased by the emergency of middle class. Questions of religion were raised afterwards black death. On the other hand, in renaissance period learning became very efficient and led to classical learning. During this period, feudalism led to creation of centralized government and led to capitalism. Secularism, rationalism and individualism were the main principal items used in the modern culture. During the middle ages, the church was not questioned by anyone and everything done was focused on the church. Everything and arts done during the Middle Ages was done in glorification of God. In addition to that music and literature done during those times were to exalt God. Crusades were mainly the Wars used in exalting and uplifting the name of God. During these times, many people wondered why the lots of items done were concerning God. Materialism and humanism ideas started spreading after Europeans returned from crusades. In conclusion, materialism and humanism started in Italy before spreading allover Europe. Humanism is one of the movements that focus on human achievements and...
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