1450-1750 Ap World History

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Technology, Demography, and the Environment
The main trend relating to technology, demography, and the environment from 1450 to 1750 are … Some of the most influential new technologies were guns, improved shipbuilding, and better navigational devices. The invention of guns would forever change the way wars were fought. Instead of swords, bows and arrows, or lances, guns would emerge as the dominant global weapon. They were lighter than cannons and more efficient than bows and arrows. They were also effective as a long or short range weapon. Guns were essential to the expansion of the Islamic empires that raised during this time period, hence the title Gunpowder Empires. Guns were also important in the West African slave trade. Many Africans would trade other Africans to the Europeans in exchange for guns.

The minor trends are seen as Shipbuilding technologies also became better during this time. The increased cross-cultural interaction led to a combination of shipbuilding technologies from many countries. There were many advantages to the new styles of ship building, including the fully rigged ship, the more economic and more streamlined "caravel" ship design, the sternpost rudder, and lateen sails. All of these improvements from the culminated technology of many civilizations made ships sturdier, more maneuverable, faster, and cheaper to build. Navigation also improved in the Early Modern Age.

Likewise, another minor trend was maps and charts that became more accurate and navigational instruments became easier to use. The ease of navigation made people more prone to exploring. This contributed to the increased water traffic seen in this time period all around the world.


This image represents the main trend of technology, demography, and environment from 1450 to 1750 because shipbuilding was used as an advantage for faster transportation.

Key Words: caravel, ships, bow & arrow, guns

The main trends...
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