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Aspects of a Teaching Career

Teaching is defined as the act of imparting knowledge or skill. It is a noble profession; even our president is a product of teaching. Through teaching, it guides and molds us to be ready for our future. A famous quote says “the hopes of the educated are better than the wealth of the ignorant”. Teaching is a passion at the same time profession, no other profession is greater than teaching. Professionals will not exist without the teacher and the teaching process. Teaching produce better person for the society. That is why teaching should be valued by social institutions like government, the church, the family, and civil society. Among the professionals in the society, the teacher has to meet demands of the students, supervisors, administrators and government. “Teaching”, have many definition but others simply defined it by its root word “Teach”. Teaching does not mean that it is just to teach, but it has many functions. That is why it is different from other career because when we say “Teaching”, it covers many tasks and has responsibilities lies on it.There are aspects in the teaching career such as negative and positive aspect that correspond its own reward. Negative aspects that discusses some specific problems which a teacher meets as he performs his responsibilities. Some of these are the need to sacrifice and manage time consumption. It is known that the teacher’s responsibilities extend beyond the classroom. Assignments such as preparing lesson plans check and grade papers and records the results that consumes personal time even off duty. Others think that teaching has comparatively low status among the professional groups. Many considered that having low salary is also low in status. True or not, it is in the person’s mindset to deal with; however it is the feeling of being self-pity. Despite its negative aspects, teaching offers some advantages. The following are some of its positive aspects are the freedom in the...
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